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Our tool is a comprehensive sales and business management solution. It integrates seamlessly with your sales tech stack to track performance, provide key insights, and automate various aspects of your operations. This includes one-click dashboards, automated alerts, commission tracking, and much more.

The automated alert system is designed to monitor your sales team’s performance and ensure everyone is meeting their KPIs. When a rep is underperforming, an alert will be sent to the manager for review. You can also set up automated rules to remove underperforming reps as a stop-loss measure.

The approval tasks system allows administrators to set permissions for sales reps, including whether they can make changes to dashboards/tools without approval. If approval is required, our tool will create an automated to-do list of approvals for admins to review, approve, or reject in a time-efficient manner.

Our Smart Lead Routing feature automatically directs qualified leads to your best closers based on their performance. This automation helps optimize your sales operations, ensuring that potential clients are always matched with the most suitable team member.

Our tool automates the tracking of commissions for your sales teams, saving you from manual data entry and potential errors. This feature accurately keeps track of each sales rep’s closed deals and their respective commissions, providing a clear view of individual and team performance.

Our tool is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing sales tech stack, including platforms like Calendly, Facebook ads, Stripe, CRM systems, payment platforms, and more. The integration process is simple and straightforward, and we provide guidance along the way.

We offer 24/7 customer support to ensure your experience with our tool is smooth and beneficial. Our support team can be reached via email, live chat, or phone call, and we also have an extensive knowledge base and tutorials available for self-guided help.


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